Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Birthday Magic

I'd like to post the last one before I leave for Montana this weekend and before my birth month ends. Two years in a row, I had experienced the greatest fishing days on my birthday (August 6th). One can say to me "you were just lucky" or "you were too emotional". I might have been so, but not just those personal feelings, based on my experience and what others say. I'd say what happened to me on those two of my past birthdays was something very special and even "divine" and "sureal". I really thought about Fishing God (now I might be personal.....!)
Last year, I made a trip to West Yellowstone just around my birthday. On 5th, I floated Madison with a guide from Blue Ribbon Flies. I had a great day with him and he really worm me out. Then in the morning of 6th, I pulled at Pine Butte section. There were already tremendous hatchs of mayflies and caddis. Spruce moths were coming off too later on. Craig Mathews, who runs Blue Ribbon Flies, wrote about this day in his 2008 review also. He wrote "the best morning fishing ever!", etc, etc only for this day.
The first rise and first landed browny on my birthday with a tiny Sparkle Dun. After this, I hooked and landed over a dozen till noon. All in 15-inch or bigger.
A very late Salmonfly saluted me too!!
To end the day, I went to $3 Bridge to fish for evening caddis and spinner falls. I had one nice hump-back brown on caddis emerger on swing. As getting really dark, I walked back to my truck. But somehow I made some more swings just below the parking lot of $3 Bridge. This 18-inch rainbow was on Flymph that I used as a drowned spinner. He looked surprised and so was I......
This year (only 3 weeks ago), I didn't plan a big trip but I had to go fishing. I chose a little mountain stream in my area. I have some my own secret holes, so I just mention Naches area!
Since I have been fishing this little stream a lot, not a special getaway. Also last year's run-off seemed to bury my favorite holes and wash away some large Westslope Cutt (up to 15-inch). So I didn't expect much about fishing. I wanted to enjoy mountain breeze, wet-wading with a light gear, and outdoor sandwiches......
But it turned out to be the best fishing day ever in this little stream. Again I have to emphasize that it happened on my birthday!!
As I walked up stream, I saw lots bees swirming just above the waters, which I have never seen before at here. Then I "felt" some buzz and lousiness on my favorite holes. I really felt and interpreted that trout wanted to bite on bees but they couldn't fly. Well, how about my foam bee?

In my experince here, typically I catch lots little ones and then an occasional 12-incher is the bonus. But as those pics above, I caught two 13-inchers and one 15-incher. Not just catching them, but I was so glad these large Westslope Cutt were back and surviving.

I will definitely do a day-hike or two to a few of little and overlooked waters in Yellowstone Park. I don't expect to catch 20-inchers but some 12-inchers (or bigger I hope), solitude, wildlife, backcountry, and satisfaction when I accomplish the hike are true fun that mother-nature can offer us. Anyway, I want get out of this late summer heat here in eastern WA!!