Saturday, August 22, 2009

How do you do?

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about creating a blog then brag about my obcession.... no, hobby: fly-fishing. This way, it will reduce significant amount of time to email to each friend of mine with all kinds of stories and pictures. Now it finally seems to be an appropriate time for me to get started. I have learned and tied lots of flies and they have been catching lots of fish for me. I have made several trips to Montana eagerly (more to come!) and each trip has had meanings and objectives and ended with great success and satisfaction. And then these days I seem to get off from my tying bench because now I know which flies I need to tie rather than tying randomly and also because I don't snag or tangle much!!

Here it goes about me.

Favorite river: Madison River
Favorite flies: if I have to pick one group of patterns, soft-hackle and wet flies.
Favorite foods: Cioppino and Sushi that DO NOT contain my trout......

I also like Yellowstone National Park waters, Livingston, MT area, and several places here in eastern WA (not Yakima River though).

My posts will mainly be about my fishing journey with lots pictures. Also I will probably add some scenes from my tying bench. Then I may add some scenes from my real job, breeding cows.

I hope some of you find this interesting to keep me going. I will greatly appreciate if some of you can give me friendly advice to improve my photography and fly-tying, also.
Have a nice "fishy" day!!

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