Saturday, November 12, 2011

More at DePuy's

Past two days were hazardously windy. So was this early morning and that made it hard for me to get out the bed. But by the time I leave my house, winds died down and it was lightly snowing.......!! Baetis, midges, and streamers weather!! We head to DePuy.
Breakfast was egg, not sardines. I pulled out a nice 19-incher that didn't react to streamers with my egg!!
After warmed up in the hut, I started to see some rise rings and baetis were on!! Oh boy, I have to share here that this "CDC DUN" that I tied last night was an absolute KILLER!!

Something was sipping just under the water film. It looked super technical to cast and set the hook but I did it with the very first cast!!...............17-inch whitefish on size 22 CDC Dun tied on 6X tippet.......Can you believe it? Should I be happy?

I consoled myself with a nice Yellowstone Cutty. I had one more giant whitie and many more rises/bites that I lost. Wonderful baetis time!!
Koichi and I fished with an angler from Japan who didn't mind throwing junks streamers and eggs. Look at the bend of his rod!!

He was rewarded with two nice browns (this is the smaller one...why didn't I take a pic of big one?)

Good looking anyway.

Tomorrow seems to be calling a similar weather. I'll do my best to break my record. I mean with brown trout, not whitefish please!!

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