Friday, November 25, 2011

Bright Friday

Everyone was supposed to go shopping so I wanted to go fishing. With some "turkey-ish" feeling in my gut, I somehow woke up early and didn't hear winds gusting. It wasn't at the hazardous level still dangerous enough to go outside. But "if you don't like Montana weather, wait 5 minutes". So I waited. Snow shower picked up and winds kept on. I waited just about one hour and suddenly everything calmed down.........Creek Time!!
It turned out so quiet that I though I can expect some dry-fly actions. There were still baetis hatch on right days, though not as strong as a month before and I saw only one pod of rising trout. Just one little one is enough for me.

Hatch ended about 2:30pm (at least it got quite slow down). Till darkness, more exploration and experimentation need be done!! I went through a certain section without any actions. In that case, that would be what I would learn and find today then. I really didn't care if I catch trout or not. But I marked another juicy spot on my map!! You don't believe this until you experience this situation. Again 3 in a row at one spot!! Started with a nice rainbow (they are getting well-colored too!!),

then a nice brown, which made me feel "I'm full for today".

But trout didn't let me go!! Another one in a few casts!! Scar on his mouth was not from my fly by the way.

What a nice day it was!! All trout fought very hard as if they were totally ambushed by me (which I did by Shotgunning).
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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