Thursday, December 1, 2011

Every Month of the Year

Mission accomplished. For the first time in my life, I fished every month of the year. I strongly owe this to the proximity of DePuy and its Winter Pass. Plus this coming winter is warm & dry (in Montana standards \(* *)/!!) so far. Winter fishing (let's define from December to February) may not be attractive for most of folks, including former myself. Well, now fishing is my serious job and here in Livingston, it never stops!!
I still see some baetis hatch and rising trout in the afternoon. But other than that, streamer bites are getting low and low in my notes. So the consistent tactics is nymphing, period. And I can't emphasize that there are too many trout in the creek right now. They love to bite on eggs and scuds. This is one of nicest and biggest trout in my books. It was very hard to get him in. Besides his size, see how he was hooked. Nobody got hurt, just my camera lens got a splash and that's all!!

Another example.......but this was easy.

Now this was the legal catch!!

This one actually looked more like "spring-color" for my eyes. Then I still see trout are leaping to get through the fall. Really amazing scenes.

Here's my recent favorite gear and it has become my essentials from now on when nymphing. This 4-different size dispenser from Montana Fly Company should be kept in your vests or pockets. This product is lead-free. And I can testify that it's very easy to attach to and remove from the tippet materials without making any damages. With this four different sizes, one can combine desired weights for any waters, any depth, any flies & tactics utilised, any sizes of tippets, and other miscellaneous fishing situations/conditions.
You can buy/order this great product from fly-shops who deal with MFC.

So, again, I encourage more people to try nymphing at spring creeks. It's the most consistent tactics to catch trout for sure. Especially with Shotgunning, that will change your perspective for nymphing at spring creeks. Shotgunning will keep you moving and never bore you down (just watching a bobber??). Also it will open up your fishing spots, sections, and seasons.
Anyway, I hope I will get out more this winter!!

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