Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cattlemen's Convetion & Trade Show

Last night, I visited Montana Stockgrowers Association Annual Convention & Trade Show in Billings, MT. I was "kinda" one of Exhibitors at a booth. It can be somewhat political (yet humorous......!!).

This freebie stuff totally knocked everyone out with love and laugh!! Very practical too!!

It is very important for me to attend this meeting. Getting a breeding job for next year is one. Then great recollections with my old friends and ranchers that I know of. But also it really makes me feel that I live in & belong to Montana. I feel just the same when I'm fishing great waters anywhere in Montana.  Ranching & beef production are legacy & heritage of Montana and I'm really happy that I'm involved in though it may be only a tiny part of it.
Of course fly-fishing is one of Montana traditions too!! So last night the convention strongly made me re-realize where I belong and what I love = Montana.
I'll just do my best effort to hang in there.

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