Saturday, December 10, 2011


What a wonderful day!! Unbelievably warm & sunny day for this time of year furthermore NO WIND at all in Paradise Valley. It was my day-off from work. What a lucky angler I am!!
On the day-off, I was doing my other job called fly-fishing. I head to DePuy's and today made the 20th Visit with the Winter Pass!! I'm sure I would probably be the one who's utilizing this pass most efficiently. It's all about experiment & observation & learning. When I keep these words in my mind, trout come to my hand.

Again, I can't what a beautiful winter day it was today. Then trout biting my flies made the day even more beautiful. Nice browny for the opener!! He had lots of scars all over his body........

Rainbow in fall color is beautiful too. Somehow her mouth was very soft for its size.

Well, I guess I like a big one after all!!

I actually hooked & lost a few more like this......Happy anyway!!

Call for the day Rainbow. He was in a really beautiful coloration around belly, gills, and head over all. But he slipped away during the photo session after this........I got him in and nobody got hurt!!

With this warm winter (so far in Montana standard) there will be more winter fishing to be done. Nothing wrong with that. But I kinda worry snow accumulation = next year's flow. Nobody wants huge amount of snow like last year = big water of this year, but we don't want a drought year either!! Well, January and February, even March, can bring huge snow storm any time so I'd better enjoy while I can!!