Saturday, December 24, 2011


Yesterday made the 100th DAY fishing of this year. That counts guide trips, on my own, with friends. Well, I know busy guides/outfitters guide (= fish & work) 100 days give or take during summer months. That must be lots of work & income. Surely I want to get there in near future. This is my first year guiding so there were more learning phases than actual jobs.
It's interesting to break down where I fished those 100 days. I fished three of Livingston creeks for about 30 days. Majority of the rest is divided into Yellowstone River and Yellowstone Park waters. Then I fished nearby waters once to a few times. That's exactly how I want to guide 100 days!! This will be my new year resolution, then!!

Anyway, here's the best catch from yesterday.

I didn't post last night as I went fishing again today! = 101st day!!
The day started with very good actions, including this nice rainbow!!

Then I hit a JACKPOT!! Or I could say "Fishing Santa" gave me the best present!!
At one certain spot, started with this football-shape 16-incher, I caught several trout with only several casts!! Believe me!!

This was good enough so I was going to make this into a greeting...........

There was one more bonus left!! Merry X'mas to a nice colorful browny!!

At last minutes, I ended up catching a nice rainbow as I can't choose used both!!

Merry X'mas to everyone. Wish you great weekend, feast, and fly-fishing!!


  1. Nice! Merry Christmas Satoshi! Keep it up.

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Link. I try to get out & catch some for "Happy New Year" cards on 1st or 2nd!