Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter-Fishing Has Just Begun......

Today, here in Paradise Valley, we finally had snow that accumulate like snow. At least for next couple of days or till winds blow away tomorrow, I guess. Wind was like a breeze (yet from north). I felt icicles building up on my mane as snow melt on my waterproof hat and drip onto my hair.....
Anyway, I had another great (if not sadistic) day at DePuy's.
This rainbow leaped 3 or 4 times and was the only rainbow for today.

Average brown........

And today's best experience was this sight-nymphing brown!! I saw a couple of fish moving and acting funny in the shallow by the bank. Just one "shotgun" & BINGO!!
I caught 10 or a dozen within 4-hour, give or take, and kept me really busy.
I don't say "trout made the day warmer" like that. It's not really cold as long as one can get out of the door, at least in Montana standard, I think......maybe?
Also, I'm getting to like the section of DePuy that most of people avoid and degrade (I used to be the one). I have developed another fishing/guiding option. Where is it? HINT: US HWY 89 in the back.

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