Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fish of 2011

 I guess it's about time to reminisce and look back the year and to decide the "Fish of the Year". Well, I've been working (fishing, I mean) very hard over two month and I am planning to visit DePuy's one or two more days this month before 2011 ends, but I will settle on this one from October 16th.

It's guessed most likely a spawner running up from the Yellowstone. We all know the fact but when it really happened to me, it was more than surprise.

With my 5wt rod and 3X tippet, I followed him, almost falling in the riffle, and I could barely net him in.

Biggest Trout I ever caught in Montana.

24-inch & full 6-pounder.

One of my always "new year resolutions" is to break the record of the last year. It will be quite a challenge and I really have to work on it!!


  1. You have your work cut out for you in the new year!

  2. Well, I'll do my best. I fish hard myself and guide my clients with my best effort. This size of brown (or rainbow) & even bigger ones from America's longest free running Yellostone River are always gem. It's worth dedicating one's time/concentration/passion just for the ONE big ONE.