Monday, November 7, 2011

Spring Creek is Never Ending!!

The end of Yellowstone Park fishing season is sentimental every year. I had my own fun on the second last day so I call it "I enjoyed the Park waters again this year". But fortunately or unfortunately, fishing in SW Montana goes on all year. I bet people from West Yellowstone, Ennis, Bozeman, and anyone in between try to sneak around Madison any time, and here in Livingston, we are still looking for a right day to float the mighty Yellowstone, hoping to catch the biggest trout of the year. And then, spring creek fishing never ends.
Today, I went fishing to DePuy again. Believe or not, NO WINDS at all in Paradise Valley!! That's good enough to be outdoors. The hazy Sun was warm enough all day though temperature was just around 30s. Then fishing was good enough too!! We saw very good baetis hatch and rising trout after lunch. I hooked and lost some trout with my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple,

With some more effort, I hooked something solidly. It leaped and I noticed it was a nice size rainbow (not whitefish!!). After more than several tug-of-wars, I could finally net it......

It was a fine & wide rainbow!! This is one of my best rainbows ever caught in three Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. With the fact that it was caught on a tiny dry-fly with 5X tippet, my PT MF Cripple can prove its point (my intention) of the design. So happy!!

By the way, these girls are much harder to stalk around than trout.........anyway they are cute!!

Brown trout are still coming up to DePuy and look hungry!! And baetis hatch seems to continue for a few more weeks. Then we can expect to fish with midges later....... I wish I had time to read books and tie flies in my house in front of wood-stove with hot coffee. Livingston's winter is rough but I still have to get out!!