Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Caddis Report 2 (Really? How's Runoff?)

Howdy folks, don't be surprised by the title. Yellowstone River is fishable now. Last several nights have been cold, just around the frozen point, that's causing to prevent snow-melt of Mighty 'Stone itself and misc. tributaries. So runoff has subsided somewhat as of now. Clarity has improved too, more than a foot. Considering weather forecast & assuming if they would be true, 'Stone may be fishable till this weekend. Streamer fishing should be good but also there might be a possibility of Mother's Day Caddis hatch.

With that expectation in my mind, I head to the river in the afternoon. There were lots of caddis in the air and on the water. As hours went by, more caddis were around!! However, I didn't observe any one single rises at all..........Well, at least future generation of caddis should be abundant......

I waited till water temperature would go up. Winds didn't help the process much, but according to the frequent check with my thermometer, it did. "There's someone for me somewhere" (Johnny Cash: I Still Miss Someone).

This was taken by swinging my brandnew caddis soft-hackle along the riffle!! I have tied all sizes and colors for all caddis species in my area. I'm finalizing tying instructions and such. Details will be soon!

If one wants to catch big trout by any means, to get on a boat and throw streamers are way to go. However, I'm inclined to expect & fish for hatches. I think water temp needs go up somewhat without too much wind for trout to rise for caddis (caddis are already abundant). Well, then runoff may hit.......... So emotional with this mixed feeling........!!
To be continued. Hopefully I can report -3, -4, -5, & -6 or more!

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