Sunday, April 29, 2012

Runoff Report

Who wants to know about runoff? It's unfishable anyway. Well, we are expecting that water may subside and get some visibility for the next few days and we might be able to fish for one more time  before the real one starts.

I think this is really a funny scene. This is the clearest spot of Yellowstone as of now. "Mountain Dew" from DePuy's and "Chocolate Mocha" of Yellowstone are not mixing well.......

Today, I took a bike ride to check water clarity and temperature. Both were not exciting to report, however I saw lots of bugs along the river. This must be a March Brown.

A classic mayfly species.

Then I still saw Mother's Day Caddis. Lots of them were still hovering along the bank.

These were really huge caddis.

So if water temp would go up without causing runoff, we may be fishing for caddis?? How would it be possible? At least we are hoping to toss streamers one more time.......

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