Friday, April 13, 2012

The Last.......Thanks

Today is the last day for me to visit DePuy's Spring Creek with Winter Pass. So total 51 days from October 15th 2011. I spent almost 2 months at the creek out of last 6 months. Before I become emotional, let me look back today's fishing.
The perfect weather to be outside!! Sunny, blue sky, and NO WINDS!! When I was ready to fish at 10:30am, midges were hatching and trout were rising already.They were all feeding at really tight and techy spot. Fly selection, presentation, vision, everything had to be perfect. I just ended up catching a little one. The one who sipped my Foam Emerger (below) was quite large as it broke off my tippet in a nano-second.

These are two of hit-flies for today.

I found this CDC OIL from Montana Fly Company very useful for any CDC patterns and to rub tippets.

In the afternoon, midge rise still went on but trout changed their feeding behavior. Now I call it "technical". How did I do? Well, I was out of 6X spool so I wasn't aggressive to change flies or to cast into tight spots (excuse & excuse.......).

You all readers know that I've been fishing the creek for "learning & observation" to be a better guide. So what did I learn and observe? That's way too beyond to summarize in a single blog post, nor I want to do a series of "educational" posts as that's not my intention for this blog. (although I had left hints and comments for what I saw and thought every now and then.) At least I can give myself credit that I committed my objectives and determination and finished my homework. Then I ruminated what my Guide Mentor Tom Travis taught me at first "learning & observation will never end" as it happened this afternoon at the very end of Winter Pass.

I'd really thank Smith Family; Betty for welcoming me every time I knocked on the door and Daryl & Theresa for answering my compulsive phone calls. Next time when I do that, that will be when I'm guiding my clients at the creek (bigger the wish, more likelier to happen?).

Cheers & see you along the creek!

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