Wednesday, April 11, 2012

50 Eve - 49th Day

Today marks the 49th day visiting DePuy's Spring Creek ( I booked tomorrow and Friday too so this is the very last tag for Winter Pass.

First thing first, I DIDN'T rig up nymphs and streamers at all today!!
Right after I got there, lots of insects were flying in the air!! Midges (no picture), caddis, and baetis. All these were in a few different sizes.

I thought I may not see any rises yet but at least I should be able to start with soft-hackle swings. Then just after 11am, I observed "dimple rises"!! Trout were looking up on midges. It's been a while to experience this "techy" situation. This simple midge fooled two nice trout but both were gone before net & pics. Rises lasted 30 minutes or so.

Numbers of insect in the air decreased in the afternoon but they were still around. As water temp got high, trout finally looking up somewhat consistently. For baetis, well, my own Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple always does wonderful jobs.

Then this is my new pattern on trial.


X2 Caddis worked too.

Weather seems to cooperate for next two days. I'm really happy that I am finally experiencing spring hatches at the very end of Winter Pass!! To be continued!!

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