Saturday, September 15, 2012

Time for "Woolly"........

My last 2 posts have been visited a lot! Thanks and indeed it was THE Greatest day! After that...... I just had a big operation on my F150.......(indeed that was the 3RD major one of a streak, which I'm not gonna discuss). So I was grounded.......
I still have more trips to come so I had to get back to the river with my boat. Water is getting low. Then we are in the middle of transitional period (cold, hot, hatch, no-hatch, etc....). So I had my friend Link hop on my boat and we did a "check-run"!
Yes dry-flies still work!!

This is their dinner.....go figure!!

Then we confirmed it's time for "Woolly"!!!!

Look at this massive 'Bow!!

What's in your belly? Link confirmed there must have been a minnow or sculpin or two.......

So it's somewhat different taste from July or August but still lots of things are going on around here!! Come & fish here!! Fall is just knocking on the door! Fishing WILL be better!!

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