Sunday, December 2, 2012

Against The Wind

It's been windy since Thanksgiving, give or take. I thought weather pattern might change in December but not really. I went fishing anyway! This weekend made "I fished every month of 2012!!" I'm not just a "fish-junk". I'm always visiting DePuy's ( for experimenting, which usually ends up catching trout!
My new idea was taken right off the butt!!

Next one was even bigger!!

But but but...........after two average days (last post), creek surprised me again!!

 Is this the very last of fall-runner? Maybe....... I know fall-run is definitely slowing down.....

 I was caught by one more surprise........
Indeed I kept catching all afternoon! Can you guess where I fished? works.
 Rainbows liked it too.......
 It wasn't only me who were fighting against winds!
Today, wind was even harder. It was almost hazardous to go out of houses. I had a bit more experimenting in my mind and am not sure when I can visit next so I went fishing anyway!
Trout didn't seem to mind winds under water...
I was pausing and holding fish in the 55MPH gust!! 
 Colorful & Big!!

So what was I up to? This is my new junk. It's a combination of Scud & Egg. I haven't decided its name yet. A couple of potential names are coming out of my mouth every now and then though.

I proved that one can fish under very windy condition!! That may be the biggest experiment!! So please don't complain about winds & gusts when you visit Paradise Valley!!


  1. I need to go fishing with you! Fantastic flies as well.

    1. Thanks for compliment. Let's pick up non-windy days.....
      Need help for naming them. Scud + Egg = SCEGG?
      Scud + sowbug + egg = S.S.EGG? Any idea?

  2. How's about the Pregnant scud. ?