Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry X'mas 2012 & I Am Fishing!!

Merry Christmas for all!! Here's my "Olive Muddler Tree"!!
2012 has been a wonderful fishing year. It's blessing to me that I'm still fishing. 2012 Summary will follow soon.

I had been busy with other businesses/projects since my last visit to DePuy's ( Yesterday and today, I could finally get back to the creek. Yesterday, it was one of a few days in Paradise Valley that we didn't have any winds!! Suddenly I saw large insects here and was a super late PMD!! There were also midges. But trout rises were not so dramatic........
 We have just passed the "shortest day" of the year so I don't feel "days are getting longer from now" yet...... Toward the end of the day, I caught a really nice buck rainbow in spawning color!!

With my own "Mummy Snail"!!

 These rainbows must be either resident or those who had entered the creek this past fall along with browns and remained here.
Today, it turned out to be a bit windier than yesterday. But at a certain spot, midge hatch was excellent!! Though I screwed up pictures (shame on me!!), I did observe the moment that midges were indeed breaking their pupal shucks and coming out!!
 This was more like "stuck!!", which we elegantly call "stillborn"!!
 Then I even saw BWO (baetis)!! HELLO~!?

 But somehow I didn't see any rising trout.......

Swans also had a family gathering.........
 I moved to different spots.......Not the biggest but beautifully colored rainbow!!
 Some browns in good sizes are still active. Possibly spawning....
 Today's best.........
Wish you all great Merry X'mas!!


  1. Love the tree! Merry Christmas from the Wilmoth's!

    1. Hey Link!
      How's midge fishing in upper Stone?
      Merry X'mas to all of you.