Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Surprise in Different Color (Taimen from Yellowstone?)

I first apologize for a naughty title before I go on.......... There is no Taimen in Yellowstone River (unless you count some great pictures of Taimen at Sweetwater Travel which stands along Yellowstone). But, but, but, even before I'm sobered up from (stop bragging) my experience with that humongous rainbow, I was struck by another surprise of the year. Again it's January!!

It snowed relatively heavy yesterday. Only these guys were fishing ahead of me at DePuy's (

I wanted to catch fish but also I wanted to test a new pattern of mine at spots with a certain structure. I hooked two but lost them. My indicator responded for the third time and I set the hook. Suddenly "IT" started to pull my line, breaking all frosts on my rod-guides!! I was taken by surprise for a second then was back into fighting mode!! I secretly wished it would be a 16-incher foul-hooked on its tail. Well, unfortunately "this thing" was definitely heavy. It changed the direction and headed downstream. I chased, reeling my line. Almost there! There is a deep hole below. I couldn't let it slip there. I had to get him in the riffle before. I slipped off a glove from my right hand in case I had to dip my sleeve. Also I was ready in my mind in case of accidental "bath"!! I got it before the hole without falling in!!

Once netted, it wasn't so dangerous. I guess we were both exhausted........

Vermiculation is vivider than ever!!

I didn't really tape it but for the reference my palm is about 3.5" to 4"........

It wasn't as heavy as the rainbow from only 3 days before but probably longer.........

Afterwards..........this in normal........

Today it turned out to be another nice winter day. A couple of little ones kept me busy......

Here's the premier of my new fly......I go on more details later on.......Just guess what for now.

I still can't swallow this experience in January....... Considering our waters around here, these must be counted as some of largest. That is, did I already caught the best for each rainbow and brown for 2013? And both of them are among BEST in my life!!?? I'm afraid I'm using up my "fishing charm" for 2013. But in other words, all I need to focus from now on is GUIDING other anglers!!
Let's see what's gonna happen next month!


  1. Satoshi ---- first fish looks like a cross between a brown and a lake trout. What do you think?

    1. You mean its vermiculation and snake-like appearance? I didn't think about "cross" but I somehow felt this one is very distinctive...and a ferocious fighter...... lake Trout from Yellowstone Lake got washed away all the way to Montana section.......a bit too hard to imagine but possibility....

  2. Mainly the vermiculations. The snaky look is probably from having spawned.

    By the way, you probably shouldn't even bother to fish any more this year since you've already caught your two biggest fish!

    1. Lester,
      I'm still surprised that size of brown still stayed in the creek. And I was fishing just "a spot".
      I'm sure I have used up my "fishing charm/luck" for 2013.....I'd rather focus on guiding from now on!