Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother's Day Caddis DID Hatch then....................

Good Bye spring and Let's welcome early summer (in Montana standard). We also have to welcome Runoff.
As I've been reporting, I've been busy with Master Breeder project so I don't have time to fish. I've been hearing fishing/river report, that's all. Today I heard two most anticipating news: 1. "River's getting higher and losing clarity and 2. Caddis are popping!!
I swung by the River on my way home and witnessed both information were correct. I DID see swarm of flying caddis!! Then water lost clarity, period. I snatched one and quickly took pictures. NOTE: Background is the water. See my shadow was on it (Sun behind me). That's the color of water from now on till............

So what has just happened this year is: water temperature finally reached the comfort zone for caddis to hatch en masse instead runoff couldn't be held........... Well, we all have learned something.
I might be fishing other rivers (tail-waters??). Then I keep posting some other stuffs I've been holding (new flies, new materials, etc.).

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