Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Revived Scissors & DGB (Dave's Great Book)

Just a quick river report: Between Master Breeder projects, I drove to my regular spot this afternoon. Weather has gone back to its ambiguous mode. Bright sky, cold winds, etc., etc.,......... Water temperature has gone back to 40s too........ I had to lose my hope for Mother's Day Caddis hatch this year...... I didn't even see any BWO and midges. I wasn't eager to fish with streamers and nymphs so it's been a while that I didn't feel any fish. Well, I should chin up and hope for the best for the next couple of days.
Following are related to Simms ICE OUT event. Among event sponsors was Dr. Slick. Some of you who have been following my YouTube channel would remember that I mentioned "scissors need replaced", "my scissors kinda failing", that sort in several videos. Just about two years of hard working, my favorite Razor Scissors was giving up. But I couldn't throw it away. I started to use a regular pair of scissors and it's been fine. For the last couple of months, I was using Razor for cutting clumps of deer hair, foams, that sort of "dirty works". I couldn't help feeling sorry. Razor has dignity and it doesn't deserve such uses. But what could I do?
So I talked to people at Dr. Slick on the second day of ICE OUT and they told me I could bring in for repair. So next day, I brought my old pair to their booth. They told me they can fix it and ship back to me. Well, here it is. One of my most trusted tying tools is back in business!! I can't thank people at Dr. Slick enough!! Razor Scissors are definitely heavier than other models and may not be favored by everyone. However, I believe its weight represents its dignity. I will keep improving myself so I am qualified to keep using it!!

Also during ICE OUT, I was fortunate to meet one of living fly-fishing legends Dave Whitlock two years in a row!! I was browsing two of his books (for sale at his table) and very impressed!! But I had already spent some for other gears and producst...... Maybe next time, I thought.
Then just the other day, I walked into one of used book stores in Bozeman. I was about to scream for excitement in that quiet store!! I found the same book of Dave's but in THE 1ST EDITION circa 1982!!!! Book was in a good condition and I was sure content had been pretty much the same to the current edition. Isn't this a PREMIUM!!?? I just grabbed it!!

It's full of great information. Recently anything can be found online and that is the biggest reason that I don't buy many books and magazines any more and that I examine well if I really need to buy. This book (and so is the other book of Dave's!!) deserves to be one of my "Fly-Fishing Bible" in my little library!! This is just an excerpt. If you want to read more, you should get one yourself!!

I hope I can do one more real fishing report before runoff....... But also I will keep posting these gears, books, materials, and so on!! Hope you enjoy!

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