Sunday, May 26, 2013

MZ Guide Orientation

Again, in between Master Breeder projects, I could get out fishing. I joined a Guide Orientation with Dave Kumlien, Outfitter with Montana Troutfitter, held at MZ- (MZ Bar) Ranch in Belgrade. Two spring-fed creeks run through MZ- Ranch, owned & operated by Milesnick Family, and they also provide private accesses to East Gallatin River. Idea & surroundings are close to those three fabled creeks in Livingston. But trout and fishing character are somewhat different. Probably two major differences are: 1. daily rod numbers are limited to only 6 and 2. one can access all three waters during the day. So this will be another fishing and guiding option for me.

It's quite an operation!!
 I didn't forget to appeal my Master Breeder business too!!

So fishing. There were some insect activities but not much apparent surface feeding of trout. My first choice was to fish with "spring creek streamers". Wanted big ones? Maybe......but it was rather to observe & test trout response and density. I had one big bite!!, which snapped off tippet.......likely story....... As I fished down-stream of Benhart, I fished back & up with my perfected spring creek nymphing methods. My first respectable fish was very very feisty Rainbow!!

This is not conceit to say that I knew my spring creek patterns, that I have developed based on my countless days at Livingston creeks, will work. During the orientation we did kick-seining and saw Cranfly larva. I was positive trout in this place had never seen my patterns!!

 Of course, pump 'em!! Hmmmmm, just usual suspects.

So I was also positive my Bead, Pheasant, & Copper had to work!!

 I caught more & more trout!! (all rainbows, by the way).

At a certain spot, I started to observe more midge larvae.

This was also quite a hefty one!!

By then my BPC was totally ruined!!

So I might as well tried my own Chewy Midge Larva before I head home.

 BINGO!! The Best one of the day took another original pattern of mine without any doubt!!

Probably for most of visiting anglers to Southwest Montana, Bozeman & Livingston sound and look like one single area (well, there are lots of differences actually). So for your future trips, consider MZ- Ranch as one of your options!


  1. I'm headed up near bozeman in July. Can't wait to fish your storied waters. As always , Beautiful pics!

    1. Thanks, Joel, for a kind comment.
      We may see along rivers. We should have good water all through summer. Give me a jingle for the latest info. Problem you may have is there are too many good rivers to choose from!