Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PFS Lake Check Run!!

I'm in between Master Breeder schedules. Usually this time of year, I don't have many opportunities to go out fishing (due to spring run-off, Yellowstone Park is not open for fishing yet, and other reasons). But that does not mean Fishing Guides aren't fishing but are re-hibernating. I was able to join Private Lake Check Run with guides at Parks' Fly Shop (

Now is the time to fish local lakes/ponds which are located within private cattle ranches or guest ranches, just like spring creeks in Livingston (BTW spring creeks are in great conditions too).

On Monday, we checked two lakes. Winds were on a rough side all day. We had fun. Here's Wally's DOUBLE!...........perch-y-ish!?

A group of Avocet against winds. It was a rare scene for us.
Today we hit another well-known private lake. It's within a real working cattle ranch. I couldn't help chuckling with this landscape.......... An outhouse supported (probably braced!?) with wires and posts. Has anyone tried to steal this building or has it been knocked off & blown away by famous winds around here?

Owner & Outfitter of PFS, Richard bringing in The Starter!

It was a nice Cutty (no pics). I quickly "pumped". Hmmmmmm........, likely stuffs but also NOTE a BEETLE in it!!

Just as we had expected Chronomid hatches were abundant. Richard took a nice rainbow! Note that I'm writing just "nice" for this beauty because.........

Then very large & beautiful mayfly, Calibaetis started to hatch!! We were surrounded by rings of rises!!

I caught a nice little Brookie on a dry-fly!! Happy!!
Right after that Richard got a much nicer Brookie!
And then Morning's Glorious Rainbow!! - I wrote "Morning's" because.......
It was "She" as you can see.......... are these for Sushi Lunch!?

Wally and Rob also kept hauling trout.

It was a bit slow in the afternoon. We were afraid trout were regurgitating from morning feeding and taking some naps. However we have located several rising/cruising trout. Mr. Parks again got things done just right!!!!

It was quite a fight!! Massive submarine pulled out Richard's reel into almost backing-line so I helped him by moving my boat. And finally I could sweep my net under, extending my arms!!
We suspect "He" was Boyfriend for "Her" above!!
We saw some crayfish hatching!!??

We all had fun. I was trained how to net big trout by the outfitter with 50-Plus-Year Experience......!?
As I've been informing there are lots of places/options to fish all through year around here. Come and find out yourself!!

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