Friday, May 3, 2013

"G" River Runs Through It

Today, again in between my Master Breeder businesses, I could sneak out for some fishing. And that made 60th Day of Fishing this year. That means I'm at water average every other day!! Well, soon runoff will start and Master Breeder business is in full swing, so average will go down a bit then start to regain as summer comes closer!!

For some readers who are curious about Mother's Day Caddis hatch on Yellowstone River, sorry I'm not there. Probably I can't report as well as last year (if it happens....). I have things to do over the pass in Bozeman so I visited my friend Jordie and we hit the "G" River. Jordie has been reporting me streamer bites have been good recently. So with last couple of poor dry-fly outings of mine, I was up for some streamer (Bugger exact) fishing before runoff!! My first choice was my own TSUNAMI Bugger!! (look for variations at my sales site if you are interested).

A bit sneaky but he hit it!! He must have been trying to gain weight before fighting against heavy muddy water for next several weeks........

Then we started to see some rising trout.........!! March Brown hatch was terrific!! BIG BUGS were hovering in the air and trout were rising eagerly!!

We also observed BWO too.

This was one of nice ones of the day.

And I "pumped" as always...... See how active bugs were!!

March Brown!! See the comparison to BWO (on the right)!!

Royal Wulff Cripple was ruined.......

Hatches seemed over and we were back to stripping and swinging again. Each of us caught some and it seemed to be a good end.
Tom joined today....
Then suddenly Tom yelled and we saw his rod was bending so hard!! I made a lightning decision to film it!! Enjoy!!

We were sure this must be what they felt while shooting "A River Runs Through It" on "G" River!!
Fisherman - Tom
Fish Wrangler - Jordie
Director/Camera - Myself

Good work, Boys!!

I might be able to hit the river again before runoff!!

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