Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Busman's Holiday on Gallatin

I had a day break from guiding streak. I could have slept in but the moment I was awake, I was like "where am I going today?". I decided to hit Gallatin within Yellowstone Park boundary (plus a little a bit in Montana). It was originally meant for scouting but I ended up having too much fun! Let's go look!!

Gallatin is very cold. It's no strange to wear waders (though I didn't). I don't think I'm wrong to say "Gallatin is a classic fly-fishing trout stream". What I mean by this statement is: trout are not willing to come up on dry-flies until water warms up a bit in the afternoon. Till then nymphing is very productive. I was so amazed by the feisty and healthiness of trout!! Very strong regardless of actual sizes!!

Then in the afternoon, I unleashed my dry-flies. I started with "searching attractors". I had satisfying actions within several minutes with only several casts!! I pumped one of them and found it very very interesting!! YES, Green Drake and tiny Leaf Hopper were present!!

At a glance Gallatin just looks like a typical "attactor-is-all-you-need" stream. Never ignore some insect hatches and corresponding trout behavior!! I tied on Extended Foam Green Drake!!

 At a certain pool, I had bites after rises!!
 See it!!
 This was very strong!! Acting like a submarine!!

After hatch seemed over, I prospected with terrestrial patterns. Now I was thinking about tiny leaf hopper I had found. Though size was different, color was accepted!!

Then I caught "Westsloper" in a very while!! Lovely!! & Happy!!

Some people argue and complain "Montana is experiencing low water and fishing is not good this year"........That's a huge lie and just an excuse of them for not catching fish!! Come and experience yourself!!

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