Sunday, July 21, 2013

Misc. Report

Rainbow, Brown, Cutty, Brookie, on-foot, float, rain, mud slide,................ Miscellaneous things happened this past week. One thing in common: Dry-fly fishing!!

We are busy in the landmark year of landmark shop!

Brookies again help us introduce the essence of fly-fishing to "rookies" anglers!

I haven't rigged "bobbers" and "buggers" in my boat yet this year!!
Sunny day and then 5 minutes later........
Cut-bows are very strong!
Very popular menu of recent!!

Evening caddis brown!
Again, Brookie and Rookie!
Rare Upper Brown!
Large mouth Cutty caught on hopper!
This is the mud-slide-in spot......

Fish Thief of one afternoon!!

See you along the river!
Till then.....

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