Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Battle of Lower Slough

August 25th, I was guiding a group of clients with Curtis Wright Outfitters ( hosted Yellowstone Trip for three days straight. Originally we guides at Parks' Fly Shop ( were ready for floating our Mighty 'Stone but we didn't have "third time lucky"........... I took my clients to another walk/wade trip. However on this day, my option was limited........ My favorite guide destinations Lamar and Soda Butte were muddied up by thunder storms on the previous day. I was honestly so shocked and saddened by the sight of dark chocolate water with such low water level..............

So I had no choice but made a resolution to guide them at Lower Meadow of Slough Creek (section below camp ground). Some of long-time blog readers may wonder "Isn't Lower Slough your best favorite water???" ----- YES!! Lower Meadow of Slough is THE TOUGHEST & MEANEST PUBLIC SPRING CREEK IN THE WORLD!! I can't resist its sadistic treatments, if not punishments!! Then it usually ends up me catching one memorable trout ONLY after I pass all kinds of torments and hardships....... I explained all of these to my clients as we drove. My clients were reasonably skilled and willing to try yet I wondered, as a guide, if I could put them into "kiss of refusal" and "third-degree inspection" by humongous trout there!!??

We could hold and started from my favorite and probably the most productive spot (if I would mention one). However, we were not alone who had found only one clear water remained in the area........ I've never seen this many people along Lower Slough.........

Anyway, each gent had a few actions in the morning. Chuck was working on a riffle followed by a deep pool. He caught a few trout then suddenly his rod bent like an archery-ready-to-shoot!! I went to help him and saw a GIGANTIC trout at the end of his line!! After a looooong battle, it broke off his tippet and gone...........well...............

Unfortunately we didn't really see strong insect hatches (expecting PMD, Green Drake, and potentially midges). As morning passing, we saw rise rings here and there but not constant. We just worked patiently. Ken was rewarded with a nice 19-inch Cut-Bow on a Green Drake dry-fly!!!!
In the afternoon, we were required more and more patience.......... First of all we had to find a spot or two to make our casts!! Then hot bright weather (yeah, totally different from the day before!!) made trout shy and exhausted us........ However, as evening approaches, most people started to leave the creek (more room!!) and winds died down (calm surface!!). I encouraged my clients with MY ONE & ONLY SPECIAL BATTLE TACTICS FOR LOWER SLOUGH!! (that I developed after many trials and refusals.) After another breath-choking fight, finally Chuck was also rewarded with a typical Lower Slough Cut-Bow, measured 20-inch!!!!
Well, I've gone through another battle at Lower Meadow of Slough Creek.......... It was just like my own fishing day but guiding clients through these conditions was totally different. Success?? Maybe....... At least, for each gent, these cut-bows were THE BIGGEST CATCHES during their Yellowstone Trip!!

I can't emphasize how much I have learned and gained (and been tormented!!) from Lower Slough as an angler. So transferring my experience and knowledge of such water to my clients makes me grow as a guide. Just like at Livingston's spring creeks..............

So more guiding requests for Lower Slough are welcome. Then my own fishing there will tune up soon!!
To be continued.........


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      There should be more drakes coming off! We may get them together soon!