Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Touch of The Fall............

September: We definitely have turned the another corner of season. Day-in & -out temperatures are getting cooler. Numbers of tourists and party-floaters are winding down. As a guide, I have more trips to run and expect more numbers of serious anglers would visit in the fall. As an angler, fall is the best & glorious end of the season!!, if I have to pick one season anyway, so I will sneak out more in between guiding and once the guide sequence is over!!

In our Great Yellowstone Country, Brookies would probably be the first species showing fall = spawning colors!!
Good looking buck!!

Dedication of the job!! Sun-up somewhere in Yellowstone National Park. Air temp was just above 30F...........

Yellowstone River had been hanging in there...... Fishing and river condition will be improved as it cools down. Once on hopper, always on hopper!!...........our happy wish..........

And it's time of the year again!! My Annual Whitefish-of-the-Year Championship has officially begun as of this month!! Here's my own entry. Yesterday, I had this sensation in a while!! I hooked something BIIIIIIG!!, felt like 20+ inches trout!!,............ then it was this belly-snagged 17-inch Whitie!! (see the red-dot) Still skinny but look at his (her?) lips!!
Competition runs till end of this year. Email me your BEST and I will post on this blog of mine. If I receive many pictures, I consider to create a new page. Winner will be awarded with a dozen of my custom flies!! - seriously!!

Summer is ending but hopefully you will have good fall-fishing. You will find me fishing for Green Drake and Fall Baetis (BWO) and hauling in huge fall-runners!!

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