Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hmmmm???? Fishing Day, Wildlife, & One More New Gear

No charade or prologue needed for yesterday's outing. Not that I made the day slow but I picked up a slow unlucky day, really.  Because of my guiding schedule and my "Fisherman's Almanac", I hit Lower Meadow of Slough Creek expecting Flying ant mating swarm. Conclusion: I didn't see any though I spent till 6:00pm........ My famous S.C.ANT remained in my box........
Check my past posts for how much I was longing for this special occasion!!, if not SADISTIC PUNISHMENT by Lower Slough Trout!!
I will reconsider misc matters and may try again soon!!

Also, as I drove into Yellowstone Park, I dropped by Parks' Fly Shop ( They  informed me Soda Butte Creek had another late season "spike" couple of days ago and became muddy, consequently Lamar River would be also questionable for great fishing........ I was expecting to fish for Green Drake hatch during day-time!! My expectation turned out to be just a day-dream of yonder years and days......

I managed to catch one decent Cutty on my own brandnew Green Drake dry-fly, though!! This new pattern will be announced in a near future with pictures and a tying video.
See how big it was!!?? And the water condition in the back.......

Rest of pictures are just another day spent in Yellowstone Park.......
This is the first time to see badger gets out of its den and what? hunting trout??

It's really odd this year. We didn't see many hoppers last hoppers then suddenly here they are!!
Hope these pictures will stimulate your tying enthusiasm, like I'm already thinking of something.....

Dragonfly resting on my Fishpond Guide Lumbar.

Although our guide season is winding down for the season (not fishing!! just to let you know), I decided to get another guide-gear.
One of the most important jobs of the guide = netting clients' catch of the day!! This is a true collaboration between guides and clients. There are clients who are used to and who can handle most sizes of fish. Then there are some big ones that even those experienced anglers have some hard time to bring them in!! Also there are clients who don't get used to our wild trout. I can't help them to reel in as reeling & fighting fish is clients' work (as well as enjoyment & excitement, of course). The best help I can offer is net them, when they get the closest to me.....But "closest" really varies..... Although I coach and direct my anglers for out best results, there has been "the very last second escape". Then once netting completed, another question I'm asked is "how big?". Yes, size is important but, for me, over all process is more important. Yet as a professional with trained eyes, I'd better be able to answer.  I was reviewing a while and finally found the tool to answer all of these. I just purchased Large size Measure Net (
Now, "I have two guns. One for each of ya." (Doc Holliday in Tombstone).
It's feather-light on my hand!! Then already longer than my regular net.
 And it extends for further reach!!

Accompanied is Net holder from Dr. Slick.  This is another super "slick" gear!!

I haven't wet this new net yet. Hopefully netting some giants at Lower Slough for my clients!!


  1. Love that flying ant pattern , that's one of the best I've seen yet!
    You'll like your new net..I've got the same one that I use when I fish out of my pontoon and the extendable handle and measure net is really nice.

    1. You can find S.C.ANT story & tying info from my YouTube video or Fly Anglers OnLine (
      Yeah, I'm needing just a little a bit of reach every now and then. Hopefully I can net some nice fish and take picture of measuring scenes soon.

  2. Hí congratulatións for the pattern. I like it.
    I think about for fly fishing "barbel" in Spain.

    1. Hi David,
      I'm checking your blog every now and then to see what you are fishing in Spain.
      S.C.Ant pattern was born 2 years ago, and is probably the only one pattern in the area which is specifically tied for the occasion.