Friday, September 27, 2013

The Fall Deepens

When was the last time that I didn't update a new post over a week?, No, over 10 days!? There's always something to say or talk about and I can usually figure out time for updating and editing. Was I super busy then? Probably so......... I was on the water most of days anyway. Let's look back.

Fall seems officially settled. When it's windy, it's windy like this day.
When it's not windy, it can be overcast plus/minus shower just like this day. This is the typical fall in my opinion. Floating rivers can be GREAT but one has to commit to the weather of the day......
Yellowstone Park waters are fishing well. Some may be done for the season, others are reviving for the fall!! Here's Pronghorn Antelope swimming in Lamar River.

Green Drake patterns can still entertain some Cutty! This is my brandnew pattern!!

Fall Blue Winged Olive (baetis) is becoming trout main dish!!
Then I went back guiding to DePuy Spring Creek ( I assisted my guide-mentor Montana's Master Angler - Tom Travis to guide a group of 4 anglers.
This time I observed this "Mystery Baetis"...........that's all I can tell you..........

Two anglers and I experienced mid-day Midge & Fall BWO hatches!!
They both bent their rods with my match-the-hatch fly selection!!
But also nymph rig is very productive. One of my anglers caught this fat strong 'Bow.

And the fly on its mouth is my own L.L. Beads!!

I'm still guiding and will start to fish more for the fall. I'm also getting things together for winter fly-tying projects. Maybe I'm busy then.........

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