Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Break & Winter Project Preparation

Guide season is slowing down for me, though I believe and recommend visiting anglers that fall is the best fishing of the year around here! Then there came government shutdown on Yellowstone Park..... I might as well relax till I get booked for guided trips with brave fall anglers and for my own fall fishing (discussed below). Also I'm getting ready for my winter projects.

This winter will keep me super busy. I will soon start updating my fly-shop ( with new flies. Consequently I will work on tying instructions (taking lots of pictures!!) and my YouTube Channel (shoot videos!). Then, as I mentioned this spring, I am going to pursue Atlantic Salmon Flies seriously from now on. I was looking for a textbook. Considering my current skills and goals, I finally decided to purchase this book by Michael Radencich.

I ordered at and received a box load of materials from Hareline!! (trout fly materials included).

I modified & organized my tying bench. Now you can see "matched pair" of antler tool caddies. I may have to improve/expand some more during this winter to accommodate amount I tie and materials I have.

Atlantic salmon flies require specific and exotic materials, some of which are hard to get. One of vendors I came to know & like is Feather MC. I bought several goodies including this display box. Someday soon I will be qualified to display my tie on this blind-eye hook!! Some of you out there who are looking for specific & exotic materials for Atlantic salmon flies, check out Feather MC website!!

But also there are some more materials that I couldn't find so easily at fly-shops. I acquired blue/gold macaw feathers from Ebay seller!!

Same goes with this Jungle Cock skin. I bid this on Ebay too! I know this is not a perfect nor the most beautiful skin available but surely the good one for me to get started!

Last but not least, I have signed up for Winter Pass at DePuy's Spring Creek ( for the third consecutive season! Pass will start on October 15th. That's why now is the preparation time. It will be a Rock-n-Roll fall for the first thing first!! I know so!! Then the creek will keep me busy for next 6 months!! My next post could be about the first day at the creek........You can find me there........

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