Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mystery Spinners & Fall Premonition - At DePuy's

September 16th, I guided couple clients from Wisconsin at my favorite stream DePuy's Spring Creek (www.depuyspringcreek.com). Season is changing so is fishing condition. Hence tactics and fly selections need adjusted accordingly. I could manage time to visit the creek forehand for scouting and gathering information on last weekend. I visited with my mentor Montana's Master Angler: Tom Travis and Buzz at Spring Creek Specialists. Just like every guide trip at any other waters, I needed a brief and basic agenda to follow or to build up ideas upon. This extra driving and time always pay dividends on guided trips!! Especially at Livingston's spring creeks!!

What's been going on in the morning at DePuy's is: what we, spring creek enthusiasts, call "Mystery Spinner Fall". Those are sizes 20-22 rusty spinners. One may call baetis and some sort and that wouldn't be totally wrong. Yet it's indeed mystery because nobody really knows when they are hatching as duns. Then they fall on the creek in quite a number, which causes great rising actions among trout!! It's quite a scene indeed, reminding me of PMD time of a few months ago. Based on my observation and information gathered, I had tied several different patterns for this special condition (sorry no pictures for now). I rigged up their rods. My clients were the first timers for DePuy's but husband Gary hooked his first trout with his very first cast!!! Has anybody done this? My first visit at DePuy's was...........I don't want to recall........ Anyway the first trout broke off Gary's fly so I attached another one. Just a few minutes later, he did bring it in confidently!! And this was the first trout for me to net with my brandnew Measure Net!! Just a typical DePuy's rainbow!!
Spinner action was surprisingly great!! Here's Gary holding a very solid Cutty!!
Diane also fished very hard during spinner time. She did hook a couple of nice ones but unfortunately those big ones broke off her tippets. Just as spinner action was ending, typical southwest winds started. We fished very hard and patiently in the afternoon. We did some spring creek style nymphing and chased sporadic evening midge hatches. I did everything I could think of to make up "gone fish" of morning for this lady angler. Our effort and perseverance paid off!!

And another one!!
As seen, these brown trout have just developing fall colors and some weights. To be honest, a bit earlier than I thought but I guess we deserve some lucky as we worked very hard and late!!

Another great day at DePuy's Spring Creek was over. I hope my clients had good time and enjoyed the creek and trout there.
Better plan a visit and book your rod!! As the fall matures, fishing will be changing into another phase!! Readers of this blog know what I'm talking about....... See you along the creek!!

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