Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mid Summer Gear Supplement + News Update

Quick Update: The series of my columns for spring creek fishing at Fly Anglers OnLine ( is into its climax. I have posted this childish drawing of mine as premier at Facebook but I don't believe I have done at my blog. Hope you get my sense of humor and joke as a fly-angler. Check up the new chapter at FAOL then go fishing spring creeks in your area and in Paradise Valley!!
Drawing by the author. Note the angler here is also "Lefty" like the author.........
Just like filling my boxes with flies, I try to check conditions and inventory of my fishing equipment and gears during winter months. However, some stuffs need replaced in the middle of season, just like popular flies need tied and refilled!!

These lines are for my own use. I'm a great fun of RIO ( On the left is AVID Sink Tip. Probably some of my blog readers might remember that I used to fish with streamers and sinking-line a lot. I still do but less frequently than before. There are some serious & specific lines for streamer fishing but for now and a while, this AVID line will suffice my need.

Then now is the time to replace my beloved and most trusted LT-DT (double taper). YES!! I'm a classic double-taper advocater when it comes to soft presentations, particularly at spring creeks!! If needs be, I can cast as far as others try to do with WF (weight forward) lines!! I have used up both ends of LT. All the crusts of line represents memory of many trout!!

Poorman's wisdom. One doesn't need super techy set-up to rig up fly lines. All I use is a pen held on my tying bench with a piece of packing (transparent) tape!!

And this is the SUPER EXCITING product ever!! I have never felt difference among leaders from different brands but this one totally stands out!! Suppleflex works just as it's claimed. And it suffices my expectations: 1. I tend to be a long-leader guy (this one is built as 13.5 feet) & 2. best presentations during match-the-hatch. With the combination of LT-DT, Suppleflex casts like the extension of fly-line; the ultimate spring-creek rig!!
Talking about spring creeks, I need to carry more numbers of flies when I guide creeks than at other public rivers. It's beyond capacity of my vest. There are numerous packs in the market. I have finally found the one that should suffice my need and expectation. I prefer a waist pack to a chest one. Then I expect it water-resistance to protect my flies inside. Not just from pouring rain but also compatible when I have to wade deep and duck (and other physical movements) in the water, say, netting my clients' catches. West Water Guide Lumbar from fishpond will be my match!!
Back-side is constructed to function practically and comfortably too!!

With these newly acquired gears, I will run through the guide season and the fall fishing!!
Oh, then this is one of patterns that I have just tied for my fall fishing. Green Drake Flymph (Master Angler Version). It's not too early. Indeed some trout are already looking up at.............

I'll be back to guiding this weekend and busy days/weeks shall follow. Wait for my next report.
Till then.......


  1. Hi Satoshi…. You changed the header photo for your blog. Good choice. I like it. Maybe see you on DePuys this winter. 'Til then…good fishing

    1. Well, the pic represents me doing some guide jobs, rather than catching trout! Can't wait for the fall fishing at DePuy's. Yet I have some more guide weeks left. Let me see how things are and will be rolling.