Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 3 Report - Fall Baetis

Boy, this fall's Baetis hatch is very challenging and technical!!  That's the way I like it!! I still haven't quite deciphered the situation. Not just because I have no idea, but rather, trout mood is complicated and changes every day!! Anyway I keep working till the hatch is totally done for the year. Let's look back how I did last week.

Very late PMD!!

Good start!! Sign of Victory!!

Learning the contents.........
Nice brwony!!
Dun eater......
Another one was a Dun-&-Nymph eater........ This is what I mean: each individual trout has its own "Today's Special", furthermore it changes every day!! It's just like people order different menu at the restaurant, really.

Further-further-furthermore, this fall's baetis is really a troublemaker. As I've been reporting, they are not typical dark-olive but gray, light gray, and light olive. But on one particular afternoon, they appeared like this......... Light color, almost like Sulphur.

Yet once in a while, I could be lucky and happy!! I set for the rise on my fly and felt it seemed bigger than I expected. This is when my Measure Net comes in super handy in terms of reach and quick measurement!!
Not from this one but the stomach sample from a small one caught on the same day...... As you can see, trout were feeding EXCLUSIVELY on EMERGERS, not duns or ascending nymphs.........

I'm tying and inventing some more patterns. Also I'm tying the patterns I already use in different colors. Sorry, no pictures yet. Meanwhile, you can review patterns I posted in the last post.

November is known to be the "Windiest" month of the year in Paradise Valley. I can tolerate cold air temperature but when it's combined with winds, it gets really tough..... Not to mention, it wouldn't be good for insect hatches and rising actions of trout. So hopefully weather stays cooperated some more........ And let me get close and tap into bugs' behavior and trout's brains!!

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