Sunday, November 24, 2013

Flies & Antlers Then Fishing

It's been cold all week! Winds didn't help the situation. I just felt it was a bit colder for this time of year in Paradise Valley. Well, fortunately I have lots of things to do inside! Since the last post, I'm more deeply into and more dedicated to the world of Atlantic Salmon Flies. It's just something, which is somewhat beyond description for the space of blog post......... Just in a short (and cheap) expression, one could call it New Passion...... Let me show you my progress!

Durham Ranger

 Dusty Miller

 Lady Amherst


For some of you who haven't actually seen "Married Wings", here's a close up picture before mounting on the hook.
With these flies, I went fishing!!..........No just kidding.
I was busy with flies above then again weathers were discouraging. I couldn't get out to DePuy's ( for a week. Today, it was some of the greatest November afternoon I ever recall!! In terms of weather and fishing!! After spending hours at my tying bench, fishing the creek is truly relaxing and enjoyable. An OK rainbow to get started.
GOTCHA!! Another nicest brown during this fall!! Measured 23"!! You know browns and Atlantic salmons are closely related!? So tying Atlantic salmon flies help me understand and catch browns too!?..............maybe!
Steelhead too!?
Last but not the least, I'm working on my deer antler art projects. Here's my factory. Left one hanged on the wall is in a painting process and the other one on the right is in a finishing process. I will post about what these will be.

I think what I did this week would be typical of my life through this week........hence so would be my blog updates. I actually enjoy it!

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