Sunday, December 1, 2013

Continues Into December

Weather was decent through the Thanksgiving week. I've been working on whatever comes to mind. Basically the same routine with the same subjects! I'm very happy with this consistency!? let's look what I've been up to. 

Garry Snow Fly. This is really a simple pattern among "Built-wing" category. Yet its main wing is built with some careful & artistic touches! Apparently I screwed up the equal body dividing....

Jock Scott!!
Arguably this is one the most well-known traditional patterns. Also one of the most challenging and demanding patterns!! I know there are some improvements I need to work on, I'm gladly to do so, but honestly this is a little landmark for me. I didn't think I could get this far so quick. This pattern has so many elements, especially toward the end, that it requires great concentration one can summon as well as the best techniques one can possess!!
 On size 2/0 hook.

I also did a "family portrait" for a good friend of mine and his family..........

I scratched off one material from "hard-to-get-exotic" list. Blue/Red macaw tails were happily obtained from E-bay!!
Antler project is also keeping me busy. I just completed one for a good friend of mine who helped me find some sheds this spring. I'm getting "seasoned" about handling & understanding antlers!! This is a nice little tool rack (or caddie/caddy, whichever you prefer to call).

On the very top I wrote "weather was decent.......". What I actually mean by that is it wasn't really cold. But there were couple of very windy days, which are pretty norm in November around here. Saturday was warm and no wind. I took a little break from flies and antlers and hit my favorite DePuy's Spring Creek ( What a relief! How enjoyable!
This was enough.......
But then I caught really a nice one!! There seems more brown trout coming into the creek from Yellowstone River. Some are still aggressive!, just like this one!
Last but not the least, this is definitely a grand project for me. I'm working on both antler and Atlantic salmon flies with my very best. What to do with those beautifully tied flies? They deserve to have something to match them.
 Seemingly an unimpressive small elk shed is turning into my ASF rack!! This antler is pretty much ready but I have one more extra craft to go with! Don't know when to complete, but I keep you posted!
It sounds like very cold next week. I may not be able to go fishing. If that's the case, I just keep working on flies and antlers. Oh, I have articles due too.
Have a busy and wonderful December, everyone!

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