Monday, December 16, 2013

Another Week of Flyz Only (Gladly) & More Gadgets

A brutal cold front was over. Then wind took over the control of human activities in Paradise Valley. Although the thermometers show much more friendly numbers, "how cold" is not much changed....... Hence, another week of no fishing..... And I'm not going to lie to you that I'm gladly to stay inside and work on flies. I have some commercial ties but also I'm much more and deeply into Atlantic Salmon flies.

I finally started using "blind-eye hook" and "silkworm gut". For most supplies, check with John with Feathers MC ( and he will get you loaded.

Harrison Bartleet 4/0 by Gaelic Supreme!!

For the first ever tie with the blind-eye hook, I chose the Durham Ranger. I'd say "not bad" for the starter!!

This last weekend, I worked on a couple of my own designs as season's greeting. To keep them secret until they receive, I just post "parts" for now (will post whole things in the next post!).

What's this?

How about this one? What's the theme here?

Recently I'm purchasing miscellaneous stuffs on E-bay. I found and purchased Spanish silk leaders. With these, I'm going to make "gut" for blind-eye hooks!!

A sexy pair of silk glove to work with fine Japanese silk.

This is a bargain material that came with the leader above. Yet this is very old and unique!
Funny looking hooks, huh!? Originally I decided to get these for practices/experiment ties but surely I tie something serious to match this hook.

Hopefully I can go fishing this week!
Everyone stay warm and enjoy the Holiday season!

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