Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flyz Only

It's cold...............Daily high temp is -20F, yes!! 20 BELOW 0!!, need more explanations? I just keep burning my firewood and hope my truck will start and won't get stuck if I need to drive.

Apparently no fishing report. I doubt if there's anyone fishing right now. So all I can do is TIE FLYZ!!
I again did a tribute tying video for my tying hero, the late Jack Gartside ( December 7th is his birthday and 5th is the day to remember him. So I posted on 6th. Last year, I did the same with Sparrow. This year, I did with his another signature fly and my all time favorite, Soft Hackle Streamer!! I am also showing a variation with slightly different materials. Watch it!! till the video ends with "In My Life" sung by Johnny Cash. I just left my computer playing music randomly. At least to me, it's quite a coincidence that my PC picked up this poignant song. By the way, this is by far the best video I ever produced. I finally figured out the best angles of my camera and vise.

Atlantic Salmon Fly project is steadily going and I am steadily improved!! A new assignment from my Master is SILVER DOCTOR!! Not bad for the first one.

You know how to finish this wool-dubbed head? Well, there's a tricky trick. The more I tie and patterns I learn, the more I'm into this world!! It's just my kind!!

Last but not the least, I could finally snap a shot of someone who seems to reside under my "Antler factory" (just a regular storage unit). I hope she's surviving this frigid condition. But watch out, little bunny!! Your body is full of attractive fly tying materials, baby!!

I hope weather will slack a bit soon and get you some fishing report. Meanwhile, this is a matter of survival!! Hope everyone stays warm and gets fly tying running!!


  1. Love the classsic salmon flies...that takes some talent for sure.

    1. Oh, this is something. It's getting a very important part of my life. I don't think I'm particularly talented. One gotta learn the procedures and materials. Otherwise all the expensive materials will be wasted!!