Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Season's Highlight & Review (with just 1 click)

Hope everyone had good Christmas Day. Now we are ready for the year-end and -start.
Past couple of years, I have posted "Year reviews". I had chosen memorable pictures and wrote comments for each. That was quite a labor. The more I fish and guide, the more people and trout I come across. Hence there are countless memories and stories for this year. So for the first time ever, I used the slideshow at YouTube. Basically it's the same amount of labor for me (selecting pictures and adding comments) however this won't have readers scroll down all the way. Besides, now words are also "viewed", rather than "read" by readers and viewers as visual effects. Background music I found is "Trout Quintet" by The Mighty Franz Schubert. The theme and its length fit perfectly!!
Thank all of my friends and clients appearing as "guest-stars"!!

After I went through Carrie Stevens' patterns, I did come back to Atlantic Salmon Flies.
Here's Kate.

As far as I researched, composing wing is up to tyers' skills and interpretation (with listed materials and I have them all). I created 3-layer of gradation and maintained their "marriage"!!
This is definitely one of my best ties!!
On 28th, weather turned OK and I could hit DePuy's Spring Creek ( for the second time of this month. At this time of year in Paradise Valley, "good weather" usually refers "no brutal winds". It's cold of course!! This was really a nice rainbow!! I missed my best-at self-timered trophy shot to show its entire length but I could capture his slightly curved up jaw!
I'm not sure if I go or if I'm able to go fishing on 30th and/or 31st. If not, this nice brown is the last one for 2013. I gladly take it!!

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining YouTube channel!
Hopefully you all have had good fishing in 2013 and we all will have
Happy "Fishy" 2014!!

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