Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 3 Report - Fall Runner

I fished very hard again for full-day & several days of last week at DePuy's Spring Creek ( in Paradise Valley, MT. Both fall-runner trout and Fall Baetis actions are still strong so I again make two separate posts for Week 3. Arguably, at least to me, this is THE BEST time to fish Southwest Montana!!

I kept hauling in nice & strong fall-run browns with my usual arsenals.
More numbers of rainbow trout are also coming into the creek!! And they are very strong!!

Every 20+ inch trout is worth for the shot!!

Checking a new egg pattern and was gladly accepted by an egg-hungry rainbow!!

A classic spring-creek coloration. Golden-yellow brown trout in clear water & on green aquatic weeds.

More PRINCE and..........
End-of-the-day brown........till then.........

Indeed some rainbows seem more aggressive than browns. They indeed must have gained weights yet still want to feed at creek or what!?
This is one of the most classical & typical brown trout coloration in the fall & in the spring creek.
Respek!! (Ali G terminology....)
I'm still looking for "KING" who will match "QUEEN" of the other day so my expedition continues!!

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