Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anticipation Coming True - On The Rivers

Right after the previous post, I conducted a float trip on Madison River.
This time of the year, what would we anticipate? = Salmonfly hatch!!

Actual hatch = adult insects crawling on willows & flying around = hasn't happened yet but I found the surest sign of hatch, furthermore, it would be a gorgeous one!!
At the beginning of the float, I pulled over by the bank and turn "just one rock". It took me "only one scoop"!!

They are right off the bank, what does this tell you?
My people caught couple of memorable trout from Madison!

There are many other effective fly patterns right now. A few of my favorites and staples are:
Rubber Leg (black x coffee)
Good Ol' PRINCE!! - as this imitates pretty much any nymphs/larvae under water.

For the next post, I hope to report Big Adults flying and buzzing around!!

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