Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Salmonfly Hatch on The Madison

Since I scooped the gang of salmonfly nymphs during a guide trip last week, I have developed a strong desire and needs that I have to come back and fish Madison River just above Ennis soon. And today, I did it!!

Title says all and following pictures save my typing and mean more than thousands of words.
Nymphs are indeed pumped up enough to crawl on my anchor rope!!
 Then I found this....... I first thought "someone's fly that had been snagged and aged".....

And here it is...........

In the morning, I fished with nymphs with so-so results.
I was waiting for some warmth in the afternoon. Now I tied on a big dry adult salmonfly. At one particular spot, fish rose on my dry 3 times. Perhaps the same fish. The 3rd bite was set but as it swam to the current it was gone....... Next spot, seemingly small one pounced on the dry again, no hookup.
At the next likely spot, I finally made a solid hook-set!!! Indeed strong fish!!!!
The Salmonfly Eating Madison Brown!!
This little one tried to attack my fly but my fly was too big for him to bite or he miscalculated the rise!?

So what's my favorite dry-adult pattern?
Here's my own Two Mix Salmonfly!! Please click the link for more descriptions.

Salmonfly will soon move up toward upstream. Hope to see the same in Yellowstone River!
Then I'm at spring creeks fishing for PMD.......
I guess I'm busy!

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