Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anticipation Coming True - On The Spring Creeks

Here's a quick introduction of my new gear for the season. I replaced a fly-keeper on the vest and also applied a new "name tag" on it. Well, spot me on the stream!

So, something with Salmonfly is going on the area rivers.
Here on the spring creeks in Livingston, the year's most anticipated event has kicked off - The world famous Pale Morning Dun hatch.
These beautiful creatures know how to pose for the camera.
I had an opportunity to test the "hatch" at DePuy's ( and Armstrong's ( Spring Creeks for the past two days.
Every spring creek enthusiast know so but never redundant to repeat: It's the fly-fishing heaven in the Paradise (Valley).
Trout are also anticipating the hatch for a year.

They are also getting fat, colorful, and sassy!!??
A typical cut-bow hybrid often seen in Armstrong's.
Trout will rise for duns and emergers and be taken by dry-flies but as these photos prove, majority of intakes consist NYMPHS. "Sight-Nymphing" or "Spot-Nymphing" is very technical and as challenging and enjoyable as dry-fly fishing.

Other insects flying around and taken by trout are:
Small black caddis with green butt.

And accident did happen!?
If you are observant anglers , scene should be familiar: birds are skimming the water surface when insect hatches are strong. That's especially true at spring creeks, which produce much more numbers of insects than any other water bodies. As I cast upstream of the riffle, I saw my leader made a sudden and strange kink...... As I tugged the leader back from the grass, my tippet was wrapping around one of wing-quills of this cute little fella. I quickly untangle my fly from her and she was safely released!!
This will be remembered forever.
Just like Salmonfly and river-fishing, there are many effective patterns for PMD hatch. Here are a couple of most effective patterns from my boxes.
My own No-Hackle Gnat.
Good Ol' Pheasant Tail Nymph (Master Angler version).

Again, just like Salmonfly hatch and river-fishing, PMD hatch and trout actions will be red-hot next week! Last but not the least, I will be busy too!

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