Sunday, June 8, 2014

Salmon (space) Fly & Salmonfly

Howdy folks!!
It's been a while for me to update here as I've been and I still am busy with Master Breeder projects. It's been great!! But now I'm home-based and I can see the season end. So I have decided to post something "fishy" in a while. Thank you for your patience and constant readership!!
Though I physically can't go fishing, I'm not totally off from the subject. I'm filling custom fly-tying orders and reading great books.

I believe I have acquired some of the BEST & MUST reads regarding modern Atlantic Salmon Flies. I'm glad to have these in my collection. No serious reviews and comments for now except "Great books!!" and "I love them!!". I have to do reviews and comments sometime later (perhaps in the fall and winter). I actually have done several reviews at Amazon, as you may be interested in and look for these.

As for fly-tying order, this is what I've recently done for one customer...........
Right........ we'll be fishing & using & losing lots of these!!!

Although I'm not physically fishing, I live by and am driving along Yellowstone River every day. AREA RIVERS ARE DROPPING STEADILY!! As I positively predicted, I don't think it would be a scarily-high-water season but simply a good-water season!!

Assortment above is the wisest choice!! Stonefly (all species included) nymph patterns will be hot commodities to kick off the season in a few weeks!!

These Rubber Legs ( will be needed and will work all through the season!!
Black/coffee is the all-rounder.
So is the black x olive.
Then never forget BLACK x ORANGE ties!!  We should have a very good Salmonfly hatch in the area!!!!

For an adult pattern, my own Two-Mix Salmonfly ( should do great jobs, even as a wet-fly!!

Then the last but not the least, Brindle Sparrow ( will DO EVERYTHING!!

My only concern is, by the time I'm done with Master Breeder projects, there will be too many waters to fish around here!! Then guiding will kick off!!

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