Thursday, July 31, 2014

YDFF (Yellowstone Dry Fly Float)

Float fishing on Yellowstone River has started well and been in its PRIME since!!
Over all water condition is just right!! 'Stone can be fished any choices of your preference. Given choices, I do fish & guide with Dry-Flies!!
The other day I self-guided. A tiny insects on the big river!!
 Reason we call fly a fly.........
Also a reason we recommend "catch & release"!?
 Hmmmmmm, learning.
After carefully observing structures and mood of the river, I got a big yet quiet rise on my black Chubby!!!
At the very last riffle-corner. Happy way to end the day!!
I had two nice gentlemen from Pennsylvania. We had good & constant surface actions all morning!!

 They each caught respectable sizes for this section. Again with dry-flies!!

"If you can learn to read the waters of Yellowstone River and consistently take trout, you can travel the world and consistently be a successful fly angler." (Don Williams, 1976)

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