Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The First "Cutt" is The............

Their first ever "Cutt" was memorable...........

I ventured northeast corner of YNP.
NOTE: This year YNP Officials revised their smartest law that they had tried to enforce last year: kill all rainbows below Slough Creek Campground. Which anglers followed this stupidity anyway? I never saw Rangers who was monitoring/watching anglers' activities at all either..... Whatever........ Now all of our lovely trout will be harmfully released!! - WITH or WITHOUT SLASHES!!
Handsome Cutbow!

Then, The First "Cutt"of the season with the dry-fly is always special!!

I was barely hoisting with a single hand. See its jaw.........Already fat!!
Now let's examine their foods of choice.
Green Drake nymph.
I bet this was the exoskeleton of stonefly nymph.
These were either PMD of Flav.
And here's what we expect!! = Green Drake dun!!
or Emerging nymphs

Here are glimpses of my recent go-tos.
Bullet Head Chubby - black. One can't go wrong with this pattern when Cutty are actively looking up!
Pheasant Tail Mayfly Cripple - Green Drake. This is one of my original patterns and also one out of most trusted Green Drake assortment. Click Here and Here.

I hit the next trail tomorrow!

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