Tuesday, July 15, 2014

YNP Dawn Treader : Lake-Falls Opening Day

July 15th is the day on which the section of Yellowstone River from the outlet of Yellowstone Lake to Chittenden Bridge (just above the Falls) becomes open for fishing.
I left my casa in Livingston waaaaay before the dawn. It wasn't to hold a good spot or two. I admit some excitement but I just couldn't sleep well last night. That was the simple reason I woke up so early. Over all, I wanted to avoid unwanted delay due to tourist traffic.
I spotted they were taking a morning bath on the other side.
 Hatch was prolific!!

The early birds get the worm?
 or Perseverance paid off......
  CAPTION: "what are you looking at?"
Too big to frame for the lens.......

Yellowstone River & Yellowstone Cutthroat trout........... so special.............


  1. Great looking YNP Cutty.... glad to see you fishing the opener in the park and landing such a nice fish in a very special place......

    1. Thanks Doug. Yes. Special river & species. This one was a huge bonus for me.