Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother's Day Caddis Hatch & Annual River Cleanup & Surprising Gift!

Back from East Idaho Fly Tying Expo, I am spending my normal life of tying flies and fishing!
It's just that time of year = Mother's Day Caddis Hatch!!
On Yellowstone River? - It seems less likely to see this year (I don't mean to be an authoritative figure of this subject so don't condemn me if something changes. But I guess this is the general consensus in town.......)
Instead, on Madison River, especially Lower Madison, caddis hatch is tremendous!! It is actually happening a couple of weeks earlier than typical years, meaning a couple of weeks earlier than Mother's Day itself. 
We fly-fishers in the area wouldn't mind but welcome this early occurrence.
I first hit a section above Ennis.
I did catch a "rise" with a caddis pattern but,
the stomach sample indicated mix of everything.

I even saw bigger meals fluttering around.......

Then I moved to Lower = just outside of Bozeman. Yes M-Day Caddis was flying all over!!

I attempted to capture the scenes then I found it would be very tough to impossible. So I finally figured out I could shoot the video. Seeing is believing!!

Actually during this hatch & flight, I didn't see any rising trout nor had any bites on my dry-flies. Trout activity and real fishing after this incredible caddis action subsided and when they started to come back to the river surface. Some might have been attempting to take a rest from flight, while others would have started diving to lay eggs.
I fished for rises after rises and I had hits and misses. Regardless of sizes, caddis aiming trout were very aggressive and strong!!

Next day (YES! I went back!), weather turned out to be very wet & cold. Yet there were substantial numbers of caddis on the water. In spite of conditions, I was able to pick up several rising trout.
What's on the right?

On Saturday 25th, I volunteered the annual Yellowstone River Cleanup. It turned out to be another cold spring weather but instead the river didn't blow with the runoff so we could float (or walk along) to pick up trashes.
Back to Civic Center, we had a friendly raffle drawing. I won again!? (yes, I've been on the raffle winning streak this spring!). I was told to choose one from items on the table............
What a special gift!! I'm very happy to acquire something directly related to one of my fly-fishing heroes, Jack Gartside!!
And WOW!!

It seems I will be busy with the similar subjects next week.........which I don't mind......
I hope you all have good spring fishing before runoff!! If not, stock up flies for summer!!


  1. Hi Satoshi....not many caddis yesterday. But, I did see a march brown. What pattern did you use for the top fish?

    1. I like Mike Mercer's Missing Link Caddis that I tied for M-Day. I also like Unnamed and Iris Caddis.