Friday, July 31, 2015

Rest of July Fishing Report

I'm not complaining or being pessimistic but it's been a very odd summer. I haven't figured out what would come by mixing "low water" and "cool weather"......yet. Oh, we had one cold-hypothermia-threatening storm!..........Now we are expecting over 90F weathers............. Interesting, isn't it?

All we can do is........ going fishing anyway! I don't believe all the trout in the area rivers have gone to Icelandic Sea, looking for cold waters. We just have to figure out how to get to them along with understanding of river systems. I haven't figured out perfectly but I'm always learning and experimenting (along with some slow times that we have to face.........). Let's look.

I had a very good couple clients and we hit Northeast side of Yellowstone Park. After some quiet and patient morning, we got good actions in the afternoon!
Seriously, these Cutties are very strong. They must have been recovering very well from spawning. This was the best underwater pic I could manage.
Little did we know, there would be snow falls next day at where we were.........really...........

Here's the scene of glorious start of the morning on Yellowstone River!!

Hard fishing can pay off!

I seem to have come up with a brandnew Green Drake pattern. This will be flying all summer!!

Into August!! Better or worse, summer goes on. Well, going out fishing is always good anyway!

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