Sunday, August 9, 2015

August Rolls

River Report: As of this typing, Yellowstone drainage is blown and brown caused by storms over last week. Soda Butte Creek and Lamar River CFS went sky-high over the weekend! Then weather forecast says another set of storms coming toward the weekend again........ Hmmmmm....... Though this can be a relief for this low-water season, temporarily our favorite destinations, including river float, are out of fishing options. We all keep our eyes and ears open till waters are back in shape. Meanwhile, look for other fishing options if you are in the area!! Contact me and I can point you to right directions.

Here in Paradise Valley, and most part of SW Montana, we are still having cool nights/mornings. Water temperature on area rivers are not as high as some are worrying. Though we have over 90F days here and there, that kind of condition is needed for Hopper fishing!

Apparently before the storm, I conducted a solo-float on the Yellowstone.
My new dry-fly was approved immediately!?
From my secret side-channel............ Happy!
Oh, this new little arsenal to my fly-box is super effective! More details for these flies later in the year.

And then other side of Yellowstone Park is even much cooler! On Aug 7th, a day after my birthday, wader and my favorite Patagonia fleece were gladly needed! And the catch!!?? I seem to be winning another "Whitefish of The Year" contest again........
I knew there were much more in it!!!
 This must be the first time under-water Whitie!
We caught lots of trout. But sizes didn't get any closer to the one above.........
 One particular rainbow (no picture) contained........ We should have bait-fished!? I would imagine a portion of river-bank must have been dislodged, caused by storms......

So, over all fishing has been very good around here.
Not just recalling, but my journal notes say, making long & many entries short, "it was much hotter and there were more slow fishing days in 2012 season" and "In 2013, water was as low as or even lower yet fishing was very good". So I have positive outlooks at the beginning of August. Certainly we all hope we are fishing rivers we want to fish as we plan. However, don't stick with them when those waters are not fishing well or unfishable. Instead, open up and change your plans accordingly.
See you in Yellowstone Country!!

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